Dry vans are the typical tractor-trailer you see on the road. Dry vans are capable of hauling a variety of commodities, freight can be floor loaded but they are generally used for skidded freight. Dry vans can only load at dock level or with a forklift and pallet-jack. Blanket service, which involves wrapping freight in blankets to prevent damage, is available upon request.


Refrigerated trailer with insulated walls and a self-powered refrigeration unit. Most commonly used for transporting food. Can only load at dock level or with a forklift and pallet jack. 


Straight trucks are primarily used for local LTL or cross-border moves. Straight trucks carry cargo in its body mounted to its frame, and the body is not removable. Temperature-controlled straight trucks are available. Optional Tail-Gate is offered for moves when a dock isn’t present or available (job-site, residential, specialized deliveries).

The flatbed can handle a very versatile range of commodities and are capable of hauling over-dimensional freight. Freight hauled on a flatbed can be secured and protected with the use of straps, chains, tarps, and even a rack & tarp system.
The step deck is a type of flatbed that has a single drop to provide 2 platforms to load freight onto. The lower deck of this trailer allows higher freight to be shipped without the need for permits. The step deck is also used to transport over-dimensional freight.
The double drop trailer has 3 decks at different heights in order to provide a well in which freight is loaded. The dimensions of this trailer vary depending on the manufacturer but it is capable of moving extremely over-dimensional shipments. Plus, with the well so close to the ground, there is a greater capacity for high/tall shipments.
The roll-tite trailer, also known as the conestoga trailer, is a flatbed trailer with a retractable rack and curtain system set up. The entire rack can be pulled back and forth in order to load freight with a forklift or crane and then provide protection to the freight once it is secured and ready to ship. Roll-tites and curtain-siders are available for step decks and double drops as well.
The lowboy, float or RGN is the lowest riding trailer available. Much like the extendable double drop, this trailer is predominantly used for massive, over-sized freight that is over legal height, width, weight, or a combination. RGN stands for “removable gooseneck” referring to the part of the trailer that connects to the power (truck). The purpose of the removable gooseneck is to allow machinery to drive directly onto the trailer. This is helpful when the piece is too large or oddly shaped to load by forklift or crane.
The extendable double drop has the same features as a normal double drop, with one unique and important feature: an extendable well. This allows for extremely large freight to be shipped. The dimension of this trailer varies by manufacturer, but the majority have wells that can extend from 29’-50’.