Welcome to Powerline Logistics!

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Social media and a strong online presence are key to success in today’s competitive business economy. Corporate websites that began as simple web-pages have flourished into web-marketing strategies. Today, companies require a well-built website with blogging and a strong social media presence.

Powerline Logistics is proud to now unveil our new corporate website!

Over the past couple months, Powerline Logistics has been working with Care Solutions to rework our web presence. We hope you’ll refer to our website as a resource for information on our company and services.

We can now also be found on a variety of social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Through our social media, users will find updates on logistics, manufacturing, supply chain management, world news, weather and traffic updates, and maybe even some humour and sports. Those in the industry will also find valuable tools under our Resources page, including blank shipping documents and convenient links to related sites.

We’ve built long-standing relationships with our customers and we value the exchange of thoughts and experiences with them. It’s important for us to understand what challenges they face. As well, it’s equally important for them to know how Powerline can help! We look at social media as a means to keep the flow of information right at our customer’s fingertips.

Considering the work, planning and design of our new website, we’re happy we worked with an outside marketing company. Revamping our online marketing strategy proved to be a complex process, requiring expertise outside our own.

If your organization’s online presence could use a tune up, work with a company to guide you through the process. It’s well worth it!

Also don’t forget to follow Powerline Logistics on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, and check our News page for valuable industry insights today!