8 Tips for Clean Transportation in Trucking

By April 13, 2019 April 15th, 2020 No Comments

Earth Day encourages individuals and communities to connect with the environment and nature. Last year on Earth Day, 174 countries worldwide (Canada included!) signed the Paris Agreement committing to act on and reduce climate change. One year later we can’t help but wonder: what can the logistics and transportation industry do for planet Earth?

In honour of Canada’s commitment to act on climate change, we’ve rounded up 8 action tips for clean transportation.

1. Hey drivers, reduce your speed!

This is an easy and safe sustainability tip to abide by. Truck drivers who reduce their speed will save on fuel and reduce the amount of carbon emissions in our atmosphere.

2. Don’t idle.

For drivers that are travelling long distances or requiring overnight rest, take advantage of truck auxiliary units or truck stop electrification systems to heat or cool down your truck instead of wasting fuel in idle mode.

3. Consider alternative fuel options.

For freight carrier companies, this is an important one! Alternative fuel options emit up to 50% less carbon than the current diesel fuel standard. For example, invest in renewable natural gas or biomethane.

4. Scrap fuel altogether – go electric!

Elon Musk just announced that Tesla Motors will be releasing an electric semi truck in this September. Why not turn to the future of electric?

5. Maximize your freight distribution.

For freight orders that are destined for the same location, try merging them together to make the most truck loads.

6. Modify your engines.

When the time comes to replace your truck or trailer engine, consider going with the environmentally friendly version.

7. Go solar!

If you’re in the warehousing biz, utilize natural energy and sunlight. Install solar panels to reduce your energy consumption and bills.

8. It’s all in the packaging.

Think biodegradable! For shippers and warehouses, use alternative packaging with biodegradable options.

Last but not least, consider joining Canada’s SmartWay Transport Partnership to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions – it’s on Powerline’s green to-do list this year. As an individual or business in the logistics and transportation industry, what will you be doing to help the planet this Earth Day?