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Logistics in the Age of the Sharing Economy

We are living in an age of sharing. From apartments to cars — Airbnb to Uber — many of us are accustomed to sharing and not owning. In 2014, the sharing economy was worth $15 billion and is expected to grow in value to $320 billion in the next ten years. What does this mean […]

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Planning a Shipment? Ask These Questions

When planning to send out a shipment, do you have all your bases covered? Whether you want to ship a skid or a large over-dimensional load, there are a number of factors that play into the planning process. Check out our logistics tips below to make sure you’re good to go. If you have an in-house […]

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Transportation Decision-Making in Supply Chain Management

Does one size fit all? Not in transportation. To ensure your transportation decision-making is top notch, don’t just look at the bottom line. Look from bottom to top and everywhere in between. This includes the chain reactions resulting in your choice of logistics service provider. When it comes to transportation decision-making in supply chain management, there […]

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Welcome to Powerline Logistics!

Social media and a strong online presence are key to success in today’s competitive business economy. Corporate websites that began as simple web-pages have flourished into web-marketing strategies. Today, companies require a well-built website with blogging and a strong social media presence. Powerline Logistics is proud to now unveil our new corporate website! Over the past couple months, […]

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Straight Truck

Vehicle Description The straight truck is unique in the sense that the axles are attached to a single frame and the “trailer” or box is not removable. These trucks are typically used for local LTL moves or cross-border expedites. Temperature-controlled straight trucks are also available upon request. Avg. Max Payload 26,000 lbs Avg. Dimensions Length: 24′-26′ […]

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53′ Dry Van

Vehicle Description The dry van is the typical tractor-trailers you see on the roads.  Dry vans are capable of hauling a variety of commodities, freight can be floor loaded but they are generally used for skidded freight.  Dry vans can only load at dock level or with a forklift and pallet-jack.  Blanket service, which involves […]

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53′ Reefer

Vehicle Description Dry vans are the typical tractor-trailers you see on the roads. Dry vans are capable of hauling a variety of commodities, freight can be floor loaded but they are generally used for skidded freight. Dry vans can only load at dock level or with a forklift and pallet-jack. Blanket service, which involves wrapping […]

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Vehicle Description The flatbed can handle a very versatile range of commodities, and are capable of hauling over-dimensional freight. Freight hauled on a flatbed can be secured and protected with the use of straps, chains, tarps, and even a rack & tarp system. Avg. Max Payload 46,000 – 52,000 lbs Avg. Dimensions Length: 48′-53′ Width (Legal): […]

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Roll-Tite or Conestoga

Vehicle Description The roll-tite trailer, also known as the conestoga trailer, is a flatbed trailer with a retractable rack and curtain system set up. The entire rack can be pulled back and forth in order to load freight with a forklift and then provide protection to the freight once it is secured and ready to ship. […]

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Step Deck

Vehicle Description The step deck is a type of flatbed that has a single drop to provide 2 platforms to load freight onto. The lower deck of this trailer allows higher freight to be shipped without the need for permits. The step deck is also used to transport over-dimensional freight. Avg. Max Payload 40,000 – 42,500 lbs […]

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